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PC / Computer Repair Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Are you are confronting any issues with your PC?

Get the issues settled by us! We are LifeGuard Technology, the most dependable PC fix specialists serving the entire of UAE with our in-house groups of technically knowledgeable experts.

Whether the pc is running slow, or your hard drive is harmed, or the program have quit working, or system has been contaminated with an infection – we can fix everything and that as well, generally in a solitary visit. Furthermore, if there is any product issue, we may not have to visit your place – the majority of the product issues can be settled from a distance and in the fastest time conceivable. Our certified, experienced, and skilled PC repair services in Dubai can fix any PC issues without burning through your time and cash.

PC Won’t Turn on When Plugged in – This is a typical issue and the most incredibly troubling too. It might happen that you press the power button and your MAC or Windows PC neglects to turn on by any means. You can see the light on the screen yet the framework isn’t working.

In such a circumstance, it’s normal to overreact when you realize you may have lost important information stored on your PC. Yet, we would recommend you not to stress as there’s a good chance your files, pictures, and so forth, are protected, only that you can’t get to them at the present time. This problem usually occurs due to a failure or breakdown of one of the hardware components and we can fix it in a matter of moments.

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If your computer starts making strange noises, don’t panic! There can be a few different explanations for why this might be happening. It could be that some of the parts are loose and vibrating against the frame of the computer, or that the fans are loose or too small and are causing a racket. It could also be that the hard drive or floppy drive is starting to fail, and in some cases, it could be that the speakers or monitor are faulty. Whatever the reason for the noise, we can usually figure out what’s causing it and fix the problem pretty easily. If you are looking for a loud PC repair near you, contact LifeGuard Technology at the earliest!


All the maintenance works are done at our office by our in-house professionals thus, there is no compelling reason to send your machine to any outside area. In the majority of cases, we fix the issue within one day and return the machine in the ideal working condition.

computer repair services in dubai

PC Fails to Boot – This problem is fairly common and can occur at any time. Determining the cause of the PC not starting up properly can be very difficult. This problem may occur due to a variety of factors, including a failing power supply, faulty hardware, a failing operating system, a faulty electrical connection, OS files that are missing or corrupted, malware attacks, a failing hard drive, a failing motherboard, and many others.

It might happen that the PC is attempting to stack the OS from any removable media. In such a case, first, you want to eliminate all removable media like CDs, DVDs, memory cards, USB flash drives, external hard drives, computerized cameras, and so forth, and afterward attempt to restart your PC. Again on the off chance that it neglects to begin, there is another explanation. There can be any equipment setup issue or any issue with the CPU or motherboard. Call us and we will find and fix the issue.

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